One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of

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Richard L. Brandt, "One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of"
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Amazon's business model is deceptively simple: Make online shopping so easy and convenient that customers won't think twice. It can almost be summed up by the button on every page: "Buy now with one click."

Why has Amazon been so successful? Much of it has to do with Jeff Bezos, the CEO and founder, whose unique combination of character traits and business strategy have driven Amazon to the top of the online retail world.

Richard Brandt charts Bezos's rise from computer nerd to world- changing entrepreneur. His success can be credited to his forward-looking insights and ruthless business sense. Brandt explains:

Why Bezos decided to allow negative product reviews, correctly guessing that the earned trust would outweigh possible lost sales.
Why Amazon zealously guards some patents yet freely shares others.
Why Bezos called becoming profitable the "dumbest" thing they could do in 1997.
How became one of the only dotcoms to survive the bust of the early 2000s.
Where the company is headed next.

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