"Unit Operations in Food Engineering" by Albert Ibarz...

"Unit Operations in Food Engineering" by Albert Ibarz, Gustavo V. Barbosa-Canovas
Food Preservation Technology
CRC Press | 2003 | ISBN: 1566769299 9781566769297 | 884 pages | PDF | 19 MB
This book presents the basic information necessary to design food processes and the equipment needed to carry them out. It covers the most common food engineering unit operations in detail, including guidance for carrying out specific design calculations.
Initial chapters present transport phenomena basics for momentum, mass, and energy transfer in different unit operations.
Later chapters present detailed unit operation descriptions based on fluid transport and heat and mass transfer.
Every chapter concludes with a series of solved problems as examples of applied theory.
• Covers the most common food engineering unit operations in detail
• Discusses the equipment used for heat transfer, pasteurization and sterilization, evaporation, and dehydration operations
• Includes distillation, absorption, adsorption, ionic exchange, and solid-liquid extraction
• Provides extensive examples, problems, and solutions
1: Introduction to Unit Operations: Fundamental Concepts
2: Unit Systems: Dimensional Analysis and Similarity
3: Introduction to Transport Phenomena
4: Molecular Transport of Momentum, Energy, and Mass
5: Air-Water Mixtures
6: Rheology of Food Products
7: Transport of Fluids through Pipes
8: Circulation of Fluid through Porous Beds: Fluidization
9: Filtration
10: Separation Processes by Membranes
11: Thermal Properties of Food
12: Heat Transfer by Conduction
13: Heat Transfer by Convection
14: Heat Transfer by Radiation
15: Thermal Processing of Foods
16: Food Preservation by Cooling
17: Dehydration
18: Evaporation
19: Distillation
20: Absorption
21: Solid-Liquid Extraction
22: Adsorption and Ionic Exchange
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