BAKING Antonio & Priscilla Carluccio

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BAKING Antonio & Priscilla Carluccio
English | Publisher: Quadrille Publishing Ltd | ISBN-10: 1899988785 | 64 pages | PDF | 64.26 MB

The author has condensed his lifetime of knowledge and passion for the most popular elements of Italian cuisine into this book of baking recipes. This title is packed with tips on how to create his dishes, and advice on the best quality ingredients available. "It is certainly not a coincidence that some of the rites of the Catholic Church are centred around bread, which is given to people as a representation of something pure--of life itself," Antonio Carluccio writes in the introduction to his book Baking which forms part of The Carluccio Collection. "In fact bread has been the symbol of basic food in Western Society for the last four or five thousand years, just as rice has been for Eastern cultures." This book will teach you how to make the whole range of Italian breads, from "Focaccia" to "Cantucci" (Tuscan Almond Biscuits) to "Panfote" (Traditional Tuscan Cake). Carluccio's delicatessen in Covent Garden, London, is famous for it's bread and if you can't get there to buy it, this book is the next best thing.

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