Culture and Customs of Kenya

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Culture and Customs of Kenya
(Culture & Customs of Africa))

Publisher: Greenwood Pr | 2003 | ISBN: 0313314861 | English | True PDF | 257 pages | 1.87 Mb
"Kenya, a land of safaris, wild animals, and Masai warriors, perfectly represents Africa for many Westerners. This text presents the contemporary reality of life in Kenya, an important East-African nation that has served as a crossroads for peoples and cultures from Africa, the Middle East, and East Asia for centuries. As such, it is a land rich in cultural and ethnic diversity, where unique and dynamic traditions blend with modern influences. Students and general readers will be engrossed in narrative overviews highlighting Kenyan history, as well as the beliefs, vibrant cultural expressions, and various lifestyles and roles of the Kenyan population. Kenya today struggles with nation building. Its society comprises the haves and the have-nots and faces the challenges of the trend toward urbanization, with its attendant disruption of traditional social structures. For Kenyans, the preserving of traditional cultures is as important as making the statement that Kenya is a modern nation. Chapters on the land, people, and history; religion and worldview; literature, film, and media; art and architecture; cuisine and traditional dress; gender roles, marriage, and family; and social customs and lifestyle are up to date and written by a country expert.

?This reference will provide students with additional discussions beyond the encyclopedia and will be a good source to check basic information. It fits well with high school world studies assignments as they learn about this continent?-Gale Reference for Students" | | |
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