Vocabulary in Context

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Harry B. Franklin, Herbert G. Meikle, Jeris E. Strain, "Vocabulary in Context"
Univ of M.chigan Press | 1964 | ISBN: 0472083058 | 204 pages | PDF | 9,5 MB
THIS BOOK (Vocabulary in Context) follows basically the same linguistic and pedagogical principles that were followed in earlier editions of the Lessons in Vocabulary of the Intensive Course in English. Thus, it embodies much of the methodology of Charles C. Fries, Robert Lado, and their many co-workers, who produced the original Institute textbooks. The application of the structural approach to the design of oral drills in vocabulary was mainly the work of Edward M. Anthony. As a result of the revision that has been going on without interruption since 1956, the present volume must be considered an entirely new work. All of the material has been thoroughly tested in the classroom. The chief aim has been to bring these lessons into closer coordination with the revised editions of the Grammar and Pattern Practice books, which are published separately as part of the Intensive Course in English.

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