Dangerous liaisons - Choderlos de Laclos.

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Dangerous Liaisons - Choderlos de Laclos
Publisher: Penguin Classics (October 30, 2007) | Language: English | ISBN-10: 0140449574 | EPUB/MOBI | 640KB/760KB | 448 pages

A new translation of one of the most notorious novels of all time

Published just years before the French Revolution, Laclos's great novel of moral and emotional depravity is a disturbing and ultimately damning portrayal of a decadent society. Aristocrats and ex-lovers Marquise de Merteuil and Vicomte de Valmont embark on a sophisticated game of seduction and manipulation to bring amusement to their jaded lives. While Merteuil challenges Valmont to seduce an innocent convent girl, he is also occupied with the conquest of a virtuous married woman. Eventually their human pawns respond, and the consequences prove to be more serious-and deadly-than the players could have ever predicted.

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