Alte Armatur und Ringkunst

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Hans Talhoffer - Alte Armatur und Ringkunst
Thott | 1459 | ISBN: N/A | German / English | 440 pages | PDF | 33.6 MB
The Fechtbuch (Fight-Book)
Hans Talhoffer (c. 1420 - c. 1490) was a Fechtmeister (literally 'fencing master' or 'fight master'), employed as 'master of arms' to the Swabian knight Leutold von Konigsegg, a feudatory of Count Eberhardt the Bearded of Württemberg in southern Germany. He is the author of at least six Fechtbücher, illustrated treatises describing methods of fighting with bare hands, dagger, long sword, short sword, pole weapons, shields, maces, and on horseback.
This is the facsimile of the Alte Armatur und Ringkunst, which lets you see the words and pictures for yourself. Next are Jeffrey Hull's transcription of its German and translation of that into English – the transcription gives you direct comprehensible reference to the original German wording, while the translation gives you the first and only rendering of that wording into English.


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