Dynamic nunchaku by Tadashi Yamashita

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Dynamic nunchaku by Tadashi Yamashita
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Nunchaku technique of Tadaci Yamacita (Tadashi Yamashita 1942) - Master of Okinawan karate (9-dan of Kobayashi Shorin Ryu Karate) and kobudo (10-dan Mataesi kobudo). The creator of the combat system Suykendo. True to the film, he is still young.

Warm up with the nunchaku, the basic technique, there is something that is not typical. Kata. Fundamentals of strikes on goal. Basics of a battle with nunchaku, including seizures and throws. The original material, both for the hour educational film - everything you need there is for those who in the subject, of course. Video quality not so hot, but we love these films are not for it.

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