Yao Chengguang, "Yiquan Correspondence Course"

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Yao Chengguang, "Yiquan Correspondence Course"
Publisher: BEIJING ZONGXUN WUGUAN | ISBN: N/A | edition 2004 | PDF | 356 pages | 31.3 mb
The course delineates the all training process step by step, but one must know, this course is not Yiquan itself, you must add your own wisdom and training, only then you can get your own Yiquan. This course is the finger which points to Yiquan itself, it tries to point out the training way as direct as possible, and get rid of any unnecessary stuff. It seems succinct, but in fact, it contains the achievements of millions wise persons in thousands years. In these pedagogic materials Yao Cheng Guang emphasizes on combat effectiveness but also in retransmitting to his students the same knowledge that his own father taught him. The way of Yiquan training opens into the ultimate realm of life. So please don't treat it lightly.
Part 1 is a basic course but including most of training styles. It includes Yang Shen Zhuang (Nourishing Life Post), Ping Bu Shi Li (Even Step Testing Strength), Hun Yuan Zhuang ( Combat Post), Mo Jin(seeking force), Ding Ba Bu Shi Li(basic T-eight step), Mo Ca Bu(mud stepping), Zou Bu Shi Li(testing force with steps), Fa Li(Issuing Power1), Dan Tui Shi (single hand tui shou). Twelve modules, module 1 to module 12.
Part 2 is the second course of YiQuan(Yi Chuan) training, with most important exercises, it includes Ping Bu Shi Li (Even Step Testing Strength), Ji ji Zhuang ( Combat Post), Ding Ba Bu Shi Li(testing force in T-eight step), Zou Bu Shi Li(Testing force with steps), Fa Li(Issuing force2), Shuan Tui Shou (double hand pushing hands), Shuan Tui Shou Fa Li(issuing force with double hands) , Dan Quan (single fist). Twelve modules module 13 to module 24.
Part 3 focus more on combat training, it includes Zou Bu Fa Li(walking issuing force), Ding Ba Bu Shi Li(Testing issuing force3), Zou Bu Dan Quan(Single Punch with step), Complex Quan Fa(Combining hand techniques and serial training), Kicks, one leg post training, Divine Turtle Emerging exercise. Twelve modules module 25 to module 36.
Part 4 is the most advanced course of YiQuan(Yi Chuan), including Voice testing training complex exercises with pads and sandbag, combat preparation exercises with head, shoulders, elbows, knees....up to Yiquan(Yi Chuan) free fighting training. A must for any Yiquan boxer. Twelve modules module 37 to module 48.

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