Mixing with SONAR X1

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Sound-Working, Mixing, Music
DAW master William Edstrom Jr. is back with another smash hit title, "Mixing with SONAR X1". You'll see the mix unfold, from beginning to end, with no stones unturned.. If you use SONAR X1, this is a must see.
William starts at the beginning showing you how to import audio tracks and how to design and set up your mixing board. He then goes meticulously over vocals and background vocals. Drums, bass, guitars are next to receive massaging and then automation, printing for CD and so much more.
If you use SONAR X1 for your productions, this title is a must have. Unlock the true mixing power of SONAR X1... Get "Mixing with SONAR X1" today.
Lection list:
Get Ready
Importing Tracks
Submix Buses
Design Your Desk
Channel Colors
Musical Time Calc
Fast Zoom
Lead Vocal
Lead Vocal Leveling
Lead Vocal Sound
Vocal Slapback FX
Vocal Stereo Delay FX
Background Vocals
Tightening the BV Pt. 1
Tightening the BV Pt. 2
BV Panning EQ Comp Verb
Room Mics
Kick Sound
Kick Sample
Snare Sound
Kick Revisited
Drum Bus
Drum Reverb
Bass Editing
Bass Sound
Rhythm Guitars Pt. 1
Rhythm Guitars Pt. 2
Solo Guitars
Final Tweaks
The Big Part
Print It
X1d Pro Channel EQ
X1d Quick Groups
Run time: ~5.5 hours

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