Kettlebell Training for Athletes: Develop Explosive Power...

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Kettlebell Training for Athletes: Develop Explosive Power and Strength for Martial Arts, Football, Basketball, and Other Sports By David Bellomo
2010 | 224 Pages | ISBN: 0071635882 | PDF | 3,6 MB
Improve performance in any sport with Russia’s most guarded training secret
For elite sports training, nothing compares to the impact that kettlebells have on the entire body, and author and trainer Dave Bellomo now brings the power and benefit of these Russian-inspired weights to any athlete.
Working the entire body at different angles, this popular training program provides you with rapid gains in strength, speed, and endurance—all requirements for proficiency in any sport. This powerhouse program also gives you customization tools for setting personal goals and tailored eight-week workouts to answer the needs of your specific sport.
Kettlebell Power Training for Athletes:
• Presents more than eighty illustrated exercises for quicker learning on how to train with the weights
• Helps you gradually build a training foundation for a healthier lifestyle
• Includes sport- and goal-specific programs so you can go directly to that section of the book for your needs
• Features photographs from award-winning photographer Bruce Curtis
• Whether you are training for the gridiron, the Octagon, or the Pentagon, these simple tools will help you produce the most extraordinary results you have ever seen.
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