Cory Skyy - Magnetic Mindset

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Cory Skyy - Magnetic Mindset
Cory Skyy | 2009 | ISBN: N/a | MP3 | 184 MB
"The Only Natural Who Knows How To Transform Ordinary Guys Into ‘Girl Magnets’ Is About To Blow The Lid Off The Community!"
An injustice has gone on much too long and it’s time I let the world know how pissed off I am about it. It would be easier to just keep quiet and let it slide, but it makes me so sick that I’m moved by a force within me to act. I’ve been wrestling with it for a while now, but I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore. Here it is:
"The Community" Is Nothing But A Clueless Group Of Creepy Wannabes!
But here’s something you don’t know… It is a marketing scam. Recently, many of these "pickup gurus" have been flying to sunny Florida from around the world asking me to fix their own problems with women. They knew something was off with the way everyone was teaching, but just couldn’t put their finger on the problem
I’ve figured out how to take an ordinary guy who isn’t very good with women and give him a successful "mindset makeover" that, on its own, will attract beautiful women into his life.

It is NOT about tricking women into liking you.
It is NOT about trying to be somebody you’re not.
It is NOT about learning the right "routine" to say at the right time.
It is NOT about building "conversational skills" or developing "hypnotic powers".

Here’s some of what you will learn in this groundbreaking new program:
The difference between being confident and being sexually confident… and how being sexually confident attracts women to you without saying a word.

- A simple step-by-step exercise that you can do daily to build this sexual confidence within you.
- How to be "in the moment" with a beautiful women.
- How to look into her eyes and tell her you want her without saying a word.
- The simple secret to exploding your memories of past failures and supercharge your future success with women.
- An exercise that, performed every day, will set in motion a new set of beliefs about what you can accomplish. (It’s like erasing old tapes and recording over them—no matter how bad your past has been!)
- How to get rid of those silent messages you’re unconsciously sending to women that scares them away… (Once you shut them down, women will start to see you as a powerfully sexy man.)
- How to "flip the switch" to turn on a sexuality that projects itself into a room.
- The truth about "approach anxiety", and how once you have the right mindset, you’ll never utter this useless phrase again… because women will approach you!
- A few simple things you can do to get women to qualify to you.
What I promise you is simply this... If you study my methods and apply them, your life will be transformed and you will begin to have the women that you have always wanted in your life. What you will find here is not anything that has ever written about before...It is truly unique.

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Magnetic EFT was created by a user. It is the 10 minute and 20 minute affirmation tracks from CD3 set to meditative music and spoken instructions. I think it may be alpha waves. I like it.

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