The New Complete Book of Tarot

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The New Complete Book of Tarot By Juliet Sharman-Burke
2007 | 179 Pages | ISBN: 1859062156 | PDF | 97 MB

For over twenty years, The Complete Book of Tarot has been one of the most popular and most used guides for the art of reading and understanding the tarot. Now, for the first time, Juliet Sharman-Burke has revised and expanded the original text, and the book has been reillustrated throughout with the Sharman-Caselli tarot. The resultant book, The New Complete Book of Tarot, will guide a new generation through the cards to a working knowledge of the history, the meaning, and the use of the tarot.
Written by trained therapist and expert tarot teacher Juliet Sharman-Burke, The New Complete Book of Tarot takes the reader through the cards, uncovering clues to the historical, mystical, and psychological spirit of this ancient system of revealing past, present and future. Whether the reader wants to interpret the cards for others or use them to gain a deeper understanding of their own self, they will find The New Complete Book of Tarot both instructive and inspiring.
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