Fusion of the Five Elements

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Mantak Chia, "Fusion of the Five Elements"
Universal Tao Publications | ISBN: 0935621180 | 2002 | PDF | 174 Pages | 3 MB
Fusion of the Five Elements is the first level of meditation in a Taoist practice also known as Fusion of the Five Forces in the Universe.

Demystified Chi Gong in a remarkable simple manner, February 9, 1999

Master Mantak Chia revealed very high level Chi Gong in a very easy to understand manner. I found what I was searching for years. I followed the book and advanced to Fusion I immediately. My strength and understanding of Chi advanced to a new level in a couple of days. I highly recommend this book to anybody who likes to rejuvenate your spiritual and physical life and people who like to experience the universe beyond physical.

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