Matt Furey - Super Energizer Workout

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Matt Furey - Super Energizer Workout
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"NOW is the Time for YOU to Make a Deeper, Stronger, More Powerful Connection to "The Force" that Penetrates Everything in the Universe. Introducing: A Special Limited Time Offer ... Matt Furey's Super Energizer Workout - The Force Within."

Here's what you will learn when you pop this DVD into your player and follow along with me:
How to build internal force by connecting your breath to simple hand movements!
How to rid your body of negative emotions like sadness, depression, anger, fear and hate and do so from deep breathing alone!
How to feel "the Force" of the Universe, working inside of you!
How to instantly double your energy levels with a couple minutes of deep breathing!
How deep breathing will build the positive emotions of courage, confidence and an unquenchable zest for living without effort!
Two variations of the Hindu pushup that I learned in China, and how to amplify the physical and mental power in your body by doing them with deep breathing!
Two dynamic conditioning upper body exercises that strengthen your muscles while literally giving your body the command to regenerate and rejuvenate!
Three healing sounds to make while you breathe that eliminate negative chi or energy from your internal organs as you simultaneously pack healthy, vital force within!
An exercise for your hands and wrists that will give you a feeling of incredible power when you fold your hands in prayer - or simply place them together to exercise. This exercise is especially good for helping you to eliminate pain and weakness from the hands and wrists!

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